How To Make the Most out of PanelWizz

You’ve decided to purchase PanelWizz, but how do you make the most out of the software? Here’s our top tips… Find the right mix of templates and CAD drawings Most projects are made of thousands of panels that are dimensional variants of standard panel types. But not all buildings are the same and not all designs areContinue reading “How To Make the Most out of PanelWizz”

The History of Fleming Software

PanelWizz is a dynamic CAM, Estimating and Project control system, for sheet metal, and especially for architectural cladding panel fabrication, which has had over three decades of customisable bespoke adaptations built in. This began in 1982 as a nesting system for a sheet metal punching machine. In the intervening time the software has been extensivelyContinue reading “The History of Fleming Software”