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We are a customer lead business, who have been providing cutting edge off-the-shelf and custom software to the industry’s largest fabricators for the past 35 years

Maximum Automation with Manual Overrides
at Every Stage

PanelWizz is a fully customisable and bespoke CAM, Estimating and Nesting Software Solution for routers, vertical saws, turrets and lasers. Save time when it matters with multiple options for input of drawings, template or assemblies, Reduce material waste with our cutting edge nesting algorithm and Manage your project end-to-end with our estimating integration.

We have customers in 18 countries around the world

Levels of Service

Lite – From $5,000USD*

If you’re a smaller job shop with one to two machines and you are looking for a pre-configured software solution to take you to the next level, this is the option for you.

Pro – From $10,000USD*

If you have multiple machines, lasers, a vertical router, custom tooling or want to customise your set up, you’ll need our pro solution.

Enterprise – POA*

We have significant experience working with large scale enterprises. If you have more than six machines, multiple sites or are multinational, please contact us for more information.

*Prices are per machine and vary in accordance with the configurations required, number of machines and type of machine. Please request a quote for further information.


What People Say

The ability to customize the software for our needs, and address our specific customer requirements has been quite advantageous. Additionally, their software has allowed us to fully automate certain pieces of equipment (alt: our CNC machines), saving us time and money.

Sobotec, One of North America’s Largest Panel Fabricators

I can say first-hand PanelWizz software is well worth the investment. With ease of use and not having your hands tied to only being able to use one brand of CNC router, PanelWizz frees you to choose more advanced CNC solutions like the AluRanger while still being able to send programs to your AXYZ system as well.

Johnathan Peters, Joseph Machine Company


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