Industry 4.0 & Beyond

Industry 4.0 and What Are We Doing About It?

The current manufacturing revolution, industry 4.0, is defined by optimising industry 3.0 with the adoption of smart and autonomous systems powered by data and machine learning. In Industry 4.0 we are seeing a combination of cyber physical systems, Internet of Things and Internet of Systems connecting a network of machines that create and share information; ultimately allowing a primitive form of artificial intelligence to make decisions without humans. The goal is commonly referred to as a ’Smart Factory’.

Whilst we recognise that automation is the top priority for our customers, we also recognise that you will want to make manual changes at times and override the system if necessary. That is why PanelWizz is a highly automated system with manual overrides at every stage. It gives you the option to achieve maximum optimisation of your machine and your material usage, whilst also saving you time in the drawing office to maximise your staff’s potential.

We continuously work with our customers to provide updates and custom modules to improve our solution with fit-for-purpose upgrades.

Industry 5.0

Whilst Industry 4.0 is the current revolution, Industry 5.0 is fast approaching and we must all be ready.

According to the European Union Industry 5.0 “provides a vision of industry that aims beyond efficiency and productivity as the sole goals, and reinforces the role and the contribution of industry to society… [and] It places the wellbeing of the worker at the centre of the production process and uses new technologies to provide prosperity beyond jobs and growth while respecting the production limits of the planet. …Specifically putting research and innovation at the service of the transition to a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry.”

Industry 5.0 will see a change to purpose led manufacturing, which puts people and planet above profit. Whilst we already help customers save up to 8% of raw material and have options to make recycling scrap more manageable, we know there is more we can do, that is why we drive our profits into innovating for a better future.   

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